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The Artists of Georgian Bay - in alphabetical order

Dave Beckett.jpg

Dave Beckett - tribute

David Bruce Beckett

January 7, 1939 - April 18, 2024


Dave Beckett was one of the first artists who was approached to be included in this book. Thanks to his longtime friend and fellow artist Arnold Nogy, Dave was able to see the first draft of his pages while in the hospital. Arnold, who is also featured in this book, printed Dave's draft and brought it directly to him. Dave was pleased to know the book would be published and his artwork would be showcased. He was disappointed that he was unable to help us during production, but we promised to complete the work for him. Dave, who faced serious health challenges, sadly passed away before this book went to press.

He leaves behind a wonderful legacy, including his art, which will continue to shine and be appreciated for years to come. Dave will be missed by his fellow artists and the many people he knew in the Georgian Bay region and beyond

We are honoured to keep our promise of showcasing Dave Beckett in The Artists of Georgian Bay art book. We thank his sons Todd and Joe Beckett for their support to do so and offer our deepest condolences for their loss.

Tony Bianco
MINI I lift my eyes up.jpg

Tony Bianco

I lift my eyes up. 48"x 48", Acrylic on Panel.


Tony Bianco has been painting professionally for 40 years. His work has been featured on more than 100 coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. He has created more than 150 paintings of our national parks, entitled “A Portrait of Canada" which have been shown in numerous museums and galleries across Canada.

His work has been described as optimistic, which he takes as the greatest compliment.

“When I was a young boy, I would stop by a forest on the way home from school and settle at the base of a tree, waiting. Presently, I would begin to see a beauty in the light. Birds and animals would appear and there would
be a great sense of the sacred animation of all things around me. I’ve been trying to capture that beauty and spirit in my work ever since.”

HB-CanadaLynx InReposeOnAMoonlitWinterNight-HR4500.jpg

Harvey Bodach

Canada Lynx in Repose on a Moonlit Winter Night.

20"x 15", Acrylic on Masonite.


Born in 1955, Harvey grew up as the eldest of three sons, living in a three-story house on the edge of High Park in the City of Toronto. He was creative and self-motivated in his early years, which set the pattern for his later life. Today, the passions that animate his life include creating two- and three-dimensional objects in art, exploring Canada’s vast wilderness areas, walking through museums and the galleries of Europe, and sports activities such as hockey.

Harvey completed his undergraduate studies in 1979, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts honours degree. He then spent 19 years in the commercial arts industry as a graphic designer, illustrator and art director, including six years as a part-time freelance artist. Embracing a new direction, he earned a Bachelor of Education degree in 1996 and spent the next 23 years teaching visual arts, multimedia technologies and photography to high school students.

After retiring in 2019, Harvey began painting full time. He has had a number of solo art exhibitions since then and has won numerous national competitions.

Harvey is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. His work has been highlighted at major art festivals across Ontario and published in magazines.

Harvey works primarily with acrylics and oil-based paints in a realism style on masonite board that he prepares himself. The natural landscape and its wildlife are what motivate him to create.

Harvey Bodach
kbowen Dunes.jpg

Karen L Bowen

Dunes. 18"x 24”, Oil on Canvas.


Karen paints Canada's countryside and shorelines in a bold, impressionist style. Enjoying a lifetime of cottaging, paddling, swimming and exploring Georgian Bay and its landscape, a Great Lakes gem, the Bay remains her favourite muse.
Capturing the light of dawn, dusk and storm, allowing colour to enhance the rock shapes and reflections in her art, Karen hopes to awaken and nurture a deep love for the Bay as a wilderness to be treasured and protected. 

As an emerging artist, Karen has participated in numerous gallery exhibits, studio tours and
art shows. She has won several awards and has enjoyed success as a top ten seller at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection's annual Autumn Art Sale. Please visit her website and studio on the beaches of southern Georgian Bay (Midland area).

Karen Bowen
Barry Bowerman
Cherished Monarch.jpg

Barry Bowerman

Cherished Monarch. 14"x 11", Acrylic on Canvas.


A professional engineer and signature member of Artists for Conservation, Barry has made art his avocation. The high degree of realism he achieves in his paintings stems from a keen interest in nature, wildlife and conservation, and from extensively researching his wildlife subjects and their natural surroundings. A safari to Tanzania to assist with the filming of ‘Journey of an Artist’ with Gene Canning was in keeping with his thirst for accurate and inspiring references. 

Over the past 30 years he has had the good fortune to take courses from Robert Bateman, Glen Loates, Ivan Wheale and Dwayne Harty, all of whom have had a significant impact on his work. Despite the lure of exotic locations, Northern Ontario abounds with endless photo opportunities and inspires his creativity. Barry enjoys donating to local initiatives as a means of ‘giving something back’ and has received awards from the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, NOAA, Ducks Unlimited, and LaCloche Art Show.

lighter Brydon Island. oil on canvas, 30 x 30.jpg

Cathy Boyd

Brydon Island. 30"x 30", Acrylic Marker on Canvas.


A talented oil painter, Cathy has carved her own path towards success through her unique and expressive artwork. Cathy's paintings capture the essence of nature, inviting viewers to connect with her subjects on a profound level. Her expressive brushstrokes, capturing colourful and vivid landscapes, transport viewers to another world.

Passionate, dedicated and prolific, Cathy continues to challenge herself by exploring different mediums, like the acrylic markers in the selected images shown here. Talented and skilled in many artistic styles, she has garnered particular acclaim for her abstract waterscapes.

One of Cathy's greatest joys is the opportunity to embrace the outdoors through plein-air painting, immersing herself in nature capturing the essence and energy of the environment.

Cathy is a member of The Ontario Society of Artists, and an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists. She is represented by several prestigious galleries in Ontario.

Cathy owns and operates her own gallery in Midland, which alsoserves as her personal studio.

Cathy Boyd
Phil Chadwick
Phil Chadwick.jpg

Phil Chadwick

0523; Paradise. 16”x 20”, Oil on Canvas.


Phil prefers to paint outside, with "nothing between my eyes and the inspiration." That special connectivity informs the pigments he chooses as well as his brushstrokes. Phil strongly believes that each of us is a steward of the land and privileged to appreciate its beauty. Wild spaces and nature must be preserved, he says.

Phil grew up paddling along the St. Lawrence. His path to becoming an artist was an unusual one. Graduating from Queens University with Honours as a nuclear physicist, he elected to become a meteorologist with Environment Canada. He specialized in severe weather and training and wrote "The Weather of Ontario".

He raised bees and lectured in art, meteorology and the science of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. 

An avid naturalist, Phil paints primarily "en plein-air", which allows his passion for life to shine on his canvases. Phil is a Charter and Signature Member with Honours of International Plein Air Painters.

MINI First Light , Snake Island 40_x48_.jpg

Philip Craig

First Light, Snake Island. 40"x 48", Oil on Canvas.


Born in Ottawa in 1951, Philip's lifelong passion for painting and art began at an early age. After attending a specialized art program while in high school, he pursued graphic design and completed a year in corporate and package design at Sheridan College in Oakville.

He built a career as a graphic and set designer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Ottawa. Over the years, he refined his skills and became a respected designer in Ottawa and later in Newfoundland, while also nurturing his painting abilities.

Philip made the bold decision to step away from the security of his position at the CBC and transition into a full-time fine artist. Supported by his wife Diane's belief in his talent, he relocated his family to Ottawa to fully devote himself to his art. 

Having travelled the world to paint, Philip has found inspiration in diverse Canadian landscapes, from Newfoundland and the Rockies to the far north. It is Georgian Bay, though, that holds a special place in his heart. His son Jonathan and daughter-in-law Bridget run
Craig Gallery in Meaford. It features local artists as well as Philip's own work inspired by his experiences in the area. Philip has been represented by Loch Gallery in Toronto and Calgary since 1985.

Philip Craig
Gordon Drysdale
MINI DSC_0025.jpg

Gordon Drysdale

The Last Rose. 32"x 48", Acrylic on Masonite.


Gordon is a self-taught artist, having honed his skills since high school in the 1960's. His realistic images reflect a wide variety of subjects inspired by his residency in Sudbury, Manitoulin Island and Southern Alberta. Gordon has a keen sense for historical accuracy and spends more time researching a subject than painting at his easel.

He is a prolific artist who has produced hundreds of works of art over 40 years and has mastered oils, acrylics, watercolour, conté, prismacolor, pencil and pen & ink. He has produced numerous limited edition prints since 1995. His paintings have been commissioned by major corporations, with limited edition prints and calendars distributed by them across Canada and the United States. His work has been featured in a number of movies and has been commissioned by a commercial wall paper company in Cleveland, Ohio. His images are also held in the collection of the Province of Ontario. 

Gordon has won National awards including first, second and third in the Art of the Automobile competition sponsored by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada, in conjunction with the International Auto Show.

Gordon Drysdale Art page

Jay. Favot

Jay Favot

Crescendo. 48"x 60", Acrylic on Canvas.


Varied subject matter and the use of bright, bold colours are the hallmark of Jay Favot’s work. From expansive landscapes to colourful florals, figurative pieces and urban work, Jay’s paintings convey his love of his local community and the distinctive beauty of Canada. 

Born and raised in Copper Cliff, Ontario, Jay’s art journey began at an early age. Completing detailed sketches of his surroundings was the beginning of a lifelong passion for creating art. His inspiration comes from a wide variety of sources, including spectacular Northern Ontario landscapes and urban sights. As well, he is inspired by outings with family and friends and by his travels through Georgian Bay and local lakes. 

Jay’s work is proudly displayed in various collections across Canada and the United States in homes and businesses. Now a full-time professional artist,
Jay continues to create in his Sudbury studio and has annual solo exhibitions of his work.

Embodiment. 25_ x 20_, Oil on Aluminum Composite Material.jpg

Carina Francioso

Embodiment. 25"x 20", Oil on Aluminum Composite Material.


Carina is an international, award-winning Canadian/Italian fine artist whose works
are held in private and corporate collections around the globe. Her meticulous attention and obsession to detail is clearly demonstrated through her contemporary realist oil paintings. The theme of water in Carina’s work is inspired by many years boating with family on Georgian Bay as well as summers visiting relatives along the coast of Salento, Italy. These experiences have provided powerful inspiration for her works.

Carina’s paintings capture the calm, tumultuous and incessantly changing waters of the world. They express the beauty, power and fragility of this quintessential natural resource with grace, delicacy and extraordinary skill, reflecting her passion for life and her constant inquiry into natural and spiritual beauty.

Carina has served as Juror on the Boynes Emerging Artist Award Panel and is the recipient of numerous awards for her art. Her work was broadcasted internationally on RAI Television and has been featured in numerous publications, including American Art Collector and Art Renewal Center’s International Realism Catalog. Her celebrity collectors include the Princess of Dubai, John Legend, and Tony Robbins. As well, several of Carina's paintings grace homes designed by celebrity interior designer Barclay Butera.

Carina Francioso
MINI grampola_christyn_drift_closely.jpg

Christyn Grampola

Drift Closely. 11”x 14”, Acrylic on Canvas.


Christyn was born in 1990 and grew up in Thorold, Ontario.
She attended Brock University, completing Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees in 2013. Shortly after, she began to create art inspired by her childhood family vacations exploring the islands of Georgian Bay.

Christyn's paintings reflect a passion for the vibrancy and texture of the geology of Georgian Bay. Her acrylic paintings reflect moments she experienced in kayaking excursions, often revealing a surprise she found along the way. Though she is still in the early years of her career as an artist, Georgian Bay has captured her heart and will continue to be the subject of her canvases for many years to come.

Currently she works for the District School Board of Niagara as an elementary teacher. 

Christyn has partnered with museums and galleries in the Niagara Region to bring art exhibition opportunities to students at several schools. She hopes to inspire her children, and those within the community, to follow their dreams and express their own interests through art.

Christyn Grampola
08 Georgian Bay Shoreline  24x24.jpg

Deb Grise

Georgian Bay Shoreline. 24"x 24”, Oil on Canvas.


Deborah Grisé is known for her impressionist and abstract landscapes in oil. Light and colour are her principal focus. Her style ranges from traditional to somewhat abstract. "I like to invite the viewer to use their imagination to fill in the details" she says.

Her paintings reflect the artistic adventures she seeks, either alone orwith other artists. 

The Georgian Bay region is particularly inspiring to Deb. Her home town
of Penetanguishene is located between the geographically different characteristics of the north and south of the bay. She enjoys painting the granite rock and wind-bent pines of the north as well as the shale flats and fine beaches of the southern part of Georgian Bay. 

Tips and technique advice she has offered have been published in on-line art publications (ArtWise). Her work has been recognized in juried shows and competitions (The Artist Magazine). Deb has exhibited at Toronto Art Expo, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition at Nathan Phillips Square and many summer outdoor art festivals, including Markham, Waterloo, Fenelon Falls, Collingwood and Toronto. Her work is found in private collections in Ireland,
France, Sierra Leone, the Netherlands, Greece, the United States, and across Canada. Her extra-curricular experience includes art instruction, gallery ownership, leadership and volunteer work in art organizations, as well as event co-ordination. Deb works from her home near downtown Barrie, Ontario.

Deb Grise
MINI Georgian Bay - Alexandra Gronfors .jpg

Alexandra Gronfors

Georgian Bay. 36”x 48”, Acrylic on Canvas.


With her characteristic vibrant brush strokes, Alexandra's art embodies both resilience and creativity.
Despite facing stage 4 cancer at a young age, she found motivation and courage through painting. Inspired by Ontario's landscapes, her art bursts with lively colours and joy. 

Her work was featured in a sold-out exhibit at the MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie, Ontario, and on A&E Network's popular "Lakefront Luxury" show. Collectors of her originals have been captivated by the emotional depth of her work. The prints she offers ensure her art is accessible to all. 

As a certified teacher in Ontario, Alexandra shares her skills with her students and strives to inspire them with her artistry and life story. Each of her creations radiates positivity, inviting viewers to see the world through a brighter lens. Voted Barrie's best artist for three consecutive years, Alexandra exemplifies how challenges can ignite opportunity. Above all,
Alexandra believes in always remembering the magic a smile can bring.

Alexandra Grofors
MINI IMG_6348.jpg

Dwayne Harty

Warming Sunlight. 12”x 9”, Oil on Linen. 

Dwayne has been creating paintings and dioramas for more than 40 years. He avoids physical minutiae and surface detail, striving instead to convey what he characterizes as "the transitory and ephemeral". His aesthetic concerns - such as shifts in colour, temperature of light or how light illuminates an animal's coat - are those of an impressionist, although he describes his work as realistic.

Dwayne pursued formal art training at the Art Students League in New York City. He was mentored by several of the 20th century's important figurative and wildlife artists: Bob Kuhn, George McLean, Robert Lougheed, Tom Lovell, John Clymer and Clarence Tillenius. His ability to paint animals in their habitats has led to commissions to paint dioramas for major natural history museums, visitor centres and park interpretive centres across North America. 

Dwayne is a dual citizen of Canada/U.S.A. and makes his home and studio in Victor, Idaho. His paintings are in many corporate, public and private collections, including those of George Eaton, David Sokol, Ted Turner, Mr. Gerald Boelte, Murray and Mary Sinclair, and John F. Kennedy Jr. 

Dwayne Harty's diorama and mural work has been featured in the PBS-TV 30-minute documentary,"Dwayne Harty: Journeys of an Artist". He has lectured and conducted art workshops across North America. Dwayne is a member of the Explorers Club, NYC and the Salmagundi Club, NYC.

Dwayne Harty
Mark Hope
Glacial ribbons oil on panel 40x60 4000.00 Mark Hope.jpg

Mark Hope

Glacial Ribbons. 40"x 60", Oil on Panel.


"I'm an observer and painter of nature", Mark says. "I can trace my fascination with nature to my very early exposure to camping with my family. Those experiences have given me the impetus to live through my senses."

He considers himself to be an impressionist oil painter. Like many others, he explores how light shapes the landscapes he encounters. His subjects include traditional landscapes and less obvious subjects  he finds in his travels. 

"My absolute favourite place to paint is anywhere on and around the Canadian Shield. From the myriad rocky outcroppings to dense pine forests and sand dune beaches, from early morning breaking light to magic hour at the end of the day, it’s all fodder for my brush."

His strongest influences are from the Group of Seven, the French impressionists and Joaquin Sorolla.

"I count myself lucky to have been able to workand develop skills that allow me to express what moves me in nature", Mark says.

David Huber

David F V Huber

Harrison Park Canada Geese. 16"x 20", Oil on Canvas Panel.


David was born in 1955 in Toronto, Ontario. From an early age he had a keen interest in art and the outdoors. 

Many of his fondest memories are of times spent enjoying nature. But what most fascinated David was encounters with wild animals. Observing a soaring hawk high above, witnessing a roaming black bear on a distant hill or glimpsing a moose with its majestic antlers, inspire his paintings. 

It was in college that art and art history engendered a new passion in his life. Since those early days he has strived to combine a mastery of art with the experience of wild nature. His goal, he says, "is to create work that is artistically strong; art that embraces fundamental elements of line, form, space and colour yet communicates the essence of life, presenting excitement, emotion, truth and the moment while maintaining a decorative feel and a varied brush."

​At the age of 30 he made the decision to pursue a career as a freelance artist and over the years, he has contracted such work as movie and stage backdrops, sculpture, portraits, props and murals for many large organizations. 

Today David lives and works from his home studio in Brampton, Ontario. He visits
and paints the Georgian Bay region regularly, especially the Owen Sound area, and has done so for many years.


Debra Lynn Ireland

A Garden’s Gift. 13.75"x 10", Watercolour on Paper.


A love of wildlife has been a lifetime passion for Debra. Even as a young girl living in Southern Ontario she often drew and painted animals. Debra now resides in Northern Ontario, where nature is at her doorstep.

Debra’s inspiration to paint comes from her interactions with wildlife close to home, at her lakeside cabin on Manitoulin Island, and on trips worldwide. She creates her detailed artwork with acrylic, pastel, watercolour and gouache.
In the past Debra has had successful art exhibitions in the Toronto area and at the prestigious Buckhorn Fine Art Festival. Her art is presently available at Turners of Little Current's art gallery. She also exhibits at the annual La Cloche Art Show and during the Manitoulin Art Tour.

Debra’s work has been featured by Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Endangered Species Fund of Canada, Canadian Conservation Stamp Guide, Japan Wildlife Centre and Watersheds Canada. She also has illustrated two children’s books: 'Five Forest Friends' and 'Five Farm Friends'.

Debra Ireland
Early Evening Paddle.jpg

Kenneth Kirsch

Early Evening Paddle. 36"x 48”, Acrylic on Canvas.


 Kenneth was born in Toronto and has lived there ever since. He received a Graphic Design education at Seneca College in the late 1970s and subsequently had a successful career in graphics and advertising. 

In the early nineties, a merger and acquisition of Ken's own Toronto Graphic Design company "Pinpoint Design Studios" with Grey Canada International Advertising Agency, allowed him to pursue his passion for painting professionally.

Working with acrylic on stretched canvas, Ken paints the Canadian landscape that he knows and loves in his own unique, bold, realism style. He's earned much acclaim through numerous newspaper and magazine articles, as well as radio and television interviews. His work was awarded "Best of Show"
in 2014 at the prestigious McMichael Canadian Art Collection's annual Autumn Art Sale and has earned "Top Ten" honours in numerous years. Ken also was honoured in 2014 with a "Recognition of Distinction" from the Alumni at his former school, Seneca College of Art and Design. He was the first alumnus ever recognized in the school's 50-year design program.

His most recent accolade was winning the top spot in the 2022 Fine Art America billboard campaign. Ken’s painting, Early Evening Paddle has been displayed and seen on billboards across America. An upcoming documentary about Kenneth, called "Path to Creation" is in the works for 2024 television release.

His paintings can be seen in many fine art galleries and hang in private art collections internationally, commanding ever-increasing prices and demand.

Kenneth Kirsch
MINI Tracking the Scent - Timber Wolves.jpg

Glen Loates

Tracking the Scent - Timber Wolves. 68"x 42”, Oil on Canvas.


Glen is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts and the Explorers Club. Born in 1945, he began his professional career at the age of 11, when he designed the Canadian Cancer Society's daffodil logo, used for several decades. In 1964, he had his first one-person show at the Royal Ontario Museum. In 1968 he won the Royal Philatelic Award for Canada's first full-colour postage stamp, the "Gray Jay." He also has been the subject of several television specials, including the award-winning documentaries "Colour It Living" and "Paint It Wild."

Glen is the first Canadian artist to be represented at the White House. In 1982, The Right Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau arranged for Glen to meet with President Reagan in the Oval Office to present Glen's painting, "The Bald Eagle" to the American people on behalf of Canada. Other of his originals have been given to His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and the Right Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada.

Glen's accomplishments include the publication of three significant volumes of his work: The Art of Glen Loates (1977), Birds of North America (1979), and A Brush with Life (1984). His art has been exhibited in museums such as the Alexander Koenig Museum, the Institute of Zoological Research, the Centre Culturel Paris, the British Museum, the McMichael Canadian Collection, and the Royal Ontario Museum. His work has appeared in numerous North American publications over the years as well as in international magazines such as GEO and Reader's Digest.

Throughout his career, Glen worked with several wildlife conservation authorities and many conservation groups. He also has dedicated much of his time to scientific research.
In 1986, he was invited to join the National Geographic Society's Beebe Project in search of giant squid and six-gilled sharks off the coast of Bermuda. Here, along with a team of prestigious scientists, Glen descended in a mini-submersible to depths of more than 1500 metres to illustrate life far below the surface. This exploration resulted in him being commissioned to create a mural depicting 125 species of ocean life for display at the Bermuda Underwater Institute of Exploration and Research.

Glen Loates continues to produce artwork for private and corporate clients. The Royal Canadian Mint renders his highly detailed images on collector coins with subjects that depict Canada's natural environment, its wildlife, and Canadian history.

Glen Loates
MINI IMG_1362.jpg

Deborah Masters

Owl Series. 16"x 16", Mixed Media.


Deborah has always been drawn to nature, and for years painted images that include plants and animals. Deborah also has an interest in the textures and patinas of old-world finishes which stems from her years of experience with decorative finishes and design work. A combination of these two interests has inspired her most recent body of work. In this series, Deborah drew inspiration from antique book covers, bringing the rich, earthy colours and worn gold leaf edges into the backdrops of her paintings. Deborah hopes these textures and her detailed painting style will depict a vulnerability and resiliency of nature that will inspire the viewer to slow down and reflect on nature and life. "I hope to paint in a way that draws the viewer into the beautiful and sensitive world of nature. Carefully chosen colour palettes, strong light sources and design are very important to help create my narratives. I work many layers into my paintings to create the textures, and to define the complexity of nature”.

Deborah has a diploma in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, and has furthered her studies in France and at the Ontario College of Art and Design for encaustics. Her art and decorative work have been featured in several Canadian publications, including The Globe and Mail, and On The Bay Magazine.
It also is held in private collections across Canada, in Dubai and the Turks and Caicos.

Debra Masters
Alexandra McLaughlin

Alexandra McLaughlin

Dreams. 36"x 48", Acrylic on Canvas.


Alexandra is a self-taught Canadian painter whose work reflects her lifelong connection to Georgian Bay. A childhood spent running barefoot on the rocks, swimming off docks, and boating around the largest freshwater archipelago in the world, fostered a special bond with the place that would eventually become her muse. 

Alex has an adventurous spirit which led to backpacking adventures abroad and an invaluable first career as a Toronto paramedic; but through all of these endeavours, she continued to feel a strong need for creative expression. 

Since 2017, Alex has focused solely on her art from her home studio in Midland, Ontario (or out on the islands), allowing her to maximize precious painting time and be the present mother she has always wanted to be. She finds herself constantly in awe of the patterns, textures and interactions in nature, and translates them seamlessly into vibrant, visceral paintings. 

Alex’s work is collected internationally, can be found in notable publications such as Create! magazine and the "I Like Your Work" summer catalogue, and continues to gain recognition in her local community through exhibitions and collaboration with the Georgian Bay General Hospital Foundation.

George McLean
9 - Mclean_Queen's Valley Marsh Hawk 2.jpg

George McLean

Queen’s Valley Marsh Hawk, 1987. 22"x 12", Casein on Composition Board

Collection of the Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound. Gift from Thor and Senator Nicole Eaton, 2011.


George McLean is, undoubtedly, one of Canada’s greatest artists. His approach to his artwork, as with everything else in his life, is one of integrity, dedication, and vision. Rather than bowing to art world trends and -isms, McLean has perfected his technique in rendering
visible the natural world in a powerful and unsentimental way.

Growing up in the Parkdale neighbourhood in Toronto, one might wonder how a city boy came to be one of the world’s best wildlife artists. It was through visits to relatives in the country, and exposure to the collections at the Royal Ontario Museum, that first caught his attention. And he has dedicated himself to that ever since. For a half century McLean, and his wife Helen, have lived in Grey County, close to Georgian Bay, in a century stone farmhouse that they rescued, set upon a 40-acre hardwood forest. His daily walks and the
wildlife he encountered there became the source of ongoing inspiration for him. George once said that he depicted the wilds that the Group of Seven walked upon – and he does that in beautiful and unique ways. Whether or not it is noticing a grouse hiding her nest in the bushes, or bear cubs playing amongst the trees, or the marks left on the snow after an owl captures a field mouse for her dinner, his work makes us stop, look, and notice the beauty andcomplexity of the natural world.

Through McLean’s work, which comes from the position of true authenticity, people are able to see up close the beauty, majesty and honesty of the
existence of Ontario wildlife – something that many people are never able to experience in real life. As such, especially during these challenging environmental times, his work becomes an important documentation for future generations to learn about the natural environment and its inhabitants.


Shannon Craig Morphew

Big Island - Georgian Bay. 40"x 60”, Oil on Canvas.

Shannon was born in St. John's, Newfoundland in 1977. There she was first influenced by the raw beauty of the Canadian landscape. No doubt influenced by her father, fellow painter Philip Craig, an early love of art led her to take courses at Sheridan College and the Ontario College of Art and Design, where she earned her BFA in 2001.

Landscapes, figures, and still-lifes are interpreted in the highly energetic and linear style for
which Shannon has become well known. Travelling extensively in Canada and abroad has enriched her experience and helped her create a personal and vibrant vision. Shannon's use of ink, paint washes and thick strokes of colour characterize her approach to painting. 

Shannon currently resides in Ottawa and exhibits at solo shows in galleries across Canada.
Her work is represented in private, corporate and public collections throughout Canada, the U.S.A., the U.K. and Ireland. In the Georgian Bay region, she is represented by the Craig Gallery in Meaford which is owned by her brother Jonathan and sister-in-law Bridget Light Craig.

Shannon Craig
Chris Morton

Chris Morton

The Twins - Charolais. 16"x 20", Oil on Canvas.


Chris has been fascinated and inspired by the natural world around him since his formative years. Raised by a family of passionate outdoorsmen - he was encouraged to pursue his artistic skills and would spend most days hiking out into the wilderness to learn about nature, through first-hand observation. Relationships between predator and prey, the changing of the seasons, the ever changing effects of light, etc. would become his obsession. From the age of 14, Chris studied under friend and internationally celebrated, master painter, George McLean as well as many years of instruction under friend and master painter, Dwayne Harty.McLean considers Chris "one of the best plein-air painters in his field".

Today, Chris spends most of his time between Algonquin Provincial Park and his hometown of Owen Sound - continuing to learn, celebrate and paint what he experiences along the way.

Lee Munn
L.Munn - All the Spectrums Appear_48x36.jpg

Lee Munn

All the Spectrums Appear. 48"x 36", Acrylic on Canvas.


Lee is an artist living and working in Hamilton, Ontario who primarily paints landscapes in a variety of styles.
His formal  art education began more than 40 years ago, at age 17, and continued through his late teens when he studied Fine Arts at Dundas Valley  School of Art and Arts & Graphic Design at George Brown and Sheridan Colleges.

Lee travels throughout Ontario in all seasons, painting small pieces on location and taking photographs. He then brings the reference imagery/painting/sketch back to his studio to create a larger painting, completing his vision. During the painting process, Lee listens to music, choosing one band exclusively so they inform the painting as he creates it. 

"Every painting is completed this way." Lee says, "This process also informs the titles of the work because all of my paintings are titled with a lyric from the band that influenced the piece during its creation".

Lee is a proud member of The Society of Canadian Artists, The Federation of Canadian Artists and The Ontario Society of Artists. A number of his paintings have been exhibited across Canada, the U.S.A., and Europe.

Shadows-2 Colour corrected.jpg

Arnold Nogy

Front Cover Image - Shadows (Female Kestrel). 24"x 19", Watercolour on Paper.


As a young boy at his family's cottage north of Honey Harbour, Arnold Nogy had the time and space to explore and learn about the forests, lakes, bays and wind-swept pines of southern Georgian Bay. Profoundly affected by the Georgian Bay environment, he was motivated to explore this vast region by foot, paddle and brush. 

Ultimately Arnold would become well-known for his landscapes and portraits but he is most recognized for his body of wildlife works. Known for his detailed, realistic approach, his handling of chosen mediums and his knowledge of subject, he has exhibited in numerous galleries and museums in North America and internationally. Among them are the Algonquin Art Centre in Algonquin Provincial Park, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wisconsin, Carnegie Museum of National History in Pittsburgh, Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida and many other museums in the U.S.A., while on tour with the Society of Animal Artists. He also has had exhibition tours in galleries and museums across Japan.

Since 1996 Arnold has been a commissioned designer for the Royal Canadian Mint, designing more than 40 collector coins.
He also has received corporate commissions from Magnotta Winery and has published conservation reproductions and a stamp for the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters.
His work has been published as limited edition reproductions and featured in art books from Northlight Publishing.

Arnold’s art is valued by publishers and personal collectors alike with works completed in watercolour, oil, pastel and drawing mediums such as graphite, charcoal, conté and coloured pencils. He employs these mediums skillfully and brings his subjects to life with conviction.

Working as a full-time artist for decades, Arnold has exhibited in numerous shows in several countries. Those experiences allowed him to meet hundreds of artists and form long-lasting friendships with many of them, including several whose paintings are showcased in this book.

Arnold Nogy
MINI THE STORM 17 x 20.5 acrylic.jpg

Duncan Neganigwane Pheasant

The Storm. 17"x 20.5", Acrylic on Canvas.


Born in 1960, Duncan is an artist from the M’Chigeeng First Nation, an Ojibwe First Nation band government in the Manitoulin District of Ontario. 

He started painting in high school, using colours and techniques inspired by Norval Morrisseau and other Woodland style artists. His grandfather, Ambrose Pheasant, told stories that had a great influence on his artwork. 

Duncan uses his images to interpret Ojibwe legends and stories that surround the history of his ancestors and Manitoulin Island. Legends which inspire his work are inscribed on the back of each original painting and a printed copy of the legend is included with his artwork.

Duncan was one of two Indigenous artists in all of Canada chosen by Canada Post to be
represented on the exterior and in the interior of Canadian post offices. Two of his paintings were chosen to be enlarged, 'We are the Land' on the exterior wall and 'Eagle Migizi' hung in the main lobby of the post office in Little Current, Ontario. 

Duncan is represented by Perivale Gallery in Spring Bay, Manitoulin Island.

MINI rhythmicdance.jpg

Lu Robitaille

Rhythmic Dance. 22"x 30", Watercolour on Cotton Paper.


Lu Robitaille was born in the historic town of Penetanguishene. She and her husband raised their two children in the remoteness of Tadenac Bay. Her deep love for the area motivated her to create and share the vastness of this unique and untouched part of Canada.

She began her career while at their beloved Cedar Brook farm in Tay Township. There she switched her medium from oil to watercolour, initially painting miniatures while building her reputation in international competitions. Her distinctive style, using watercolours much like oil, gave her license to add detail. Soon her clientele requested larger pieces. To her delight they were well received.
Frequent visits to Georgian Bay kept her busy exploring the south to northeast shores while offering dozens of private shows along the way. Lu is now approaching retirement years, treasuring sacred moments she spent painting and attending shows, and recalling wonderful times with clients and colleagues she met along her journey.

Lu Robitaille Studio

Lu Robitaille
Carole Rodrigue
Bear IMG_0124.jpg

Carol Rodrigue

Bearly There. 20"x 30", Oil on Canvas. 


Carole Rodrigue is an artist from Sudbury, Ontario who has been drawing since childhood and started painting with oils at the age of 15. Her deep love for animals has been a huge inspiration for her work. She also paints other subjects, such as still life, and has worked with other mediums. 

She’s a member of the International Guild of Realism, and has exhibited locally as well as internationally. Her pieces are in collections worldwide. She is also an Associate Member of the Society of Canadian Artists. Carole has taught painting online and in person, enjoying sharing her knowledge and seeing aspiring artists nurture and develop their talents.

John MINI.jpg

John Stopciati

Carter Bay. 18"x 24", Oil on Canvas.


The historical and scenic beauty of Northern Ontario has been, and continues to be, the dominant inspiration for John.

A multimedia artist, John’s proficiency with different media gives him the versatility and flexibility to choose the medium and method that best conveys his chosen subject.

John’s paintings reflect countless hours and many years of intimate study discovering his natural surroundings, displaying them as a visual journey of his travels and experiences here and abroad, and preserving them for many years to come.

His passion continues to take him on an artistic journey as he strives to capture the elusive and challenging effects of light; how it displays what he describes as "the profound depth of our fragile nature", perpetually recreating itself with the passing of time.

He hopes his paintings enhance peoples lives by stirring recollections of their own experiences with the natural world.

john stopciati
Tangled Lures.jpg

Brent Trach

Tangled Lures. 9"x 12”, Watercolour on Paper.


Originally from Stoney Creek, Ontario, Brent spent many summers ofhis childhood with family in South River. After choosing a career in the environmental field, he began making his way north, living for a time in Coldwater, where he discovered the rugged beauty of Georgian Bay. Now living in Callander, Brent continues to explore the French River and Georgian Bay area on canoe trips with family. 

His interest in art began at an early age, and over the years Brent has refined his skill, showcasing the beauty of Georgian Bay, Algonquin and Temagami with watercolour landscapes. He has exhibited in shows throughout Ontario as well as the United States and France. Always eager to explore new techniques, Brent added drypoint etching and acrylic medium to his portfolio. 

The acrylic painting 'Old Friends' (shown on opposite page) was selected by Ducks Unlimited Canada as part of their 2019 National Art Portfolio.

Brent Trach
MINI Entangled Pines - M. Vanderpas AGB.jpg

Margarethe Vanderpas

Entangled Pines. 36”x 36”, Oil on Canvas.


Margarethe is a Dutch-born artist who was inspired as a child by the works of such masters as Rembrandt and Van Gogh, and is known for her passionate interpretation of the raw natural beauty of Canada’s landscapes and waterscapes. She loves time spent in nature exploring regions on foot and by kayak, seeking new inspiration for her work. 

“As an oil painter, I am fascinated by the powerful forces that have shaped the landscape and the effects that time and weather have had upon the earth’s surface. 

I draw my inspiration from many sources; the waters and limestone cliffs of the Bruce Peninsula and the shores of Georgian Bay and Lake Superior. “  

Margarethe studied Fine Art at Western University and Art History at Queen’s University, graduating in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Art History and in 1988 with a Bachelor of Education. She is a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation (AFC) and has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections internationally.

Margarethe currently lives and works out of her studio/gallery in Lion’s Head, Ontario located on the Bruce Peninsula.
Its rugged coastline and beautiful clear waters are the subject of many of her paintings.

“Water in particular has fascinated me since childhood.
I delight in the discovery of rhythmic patterns created by light as it passes through water, by the ripples on its surface and how it transforms and distorts what lies beneath. These patterns inspire me not just for their beauty, but because they suggest an underlying natural order. It is fitting that the varied and dynamic forms of all life upon the earth would arise
from such an active and animated medium.”

Margarethe Vanderpas

Richard Vander Meer

Fly Fishing the Mad River. 11"x 14", Watercolour on Paper.


Richard sums up his artistic philosophy succinctly: "If there is one element concerning art, and whether or not a painting will be successful, it is that you should paint what you know. Only then can you truly communicate an honest, sincere message to the viewer." In Richard's view, this, coupled with talent and hard work, result in a work having conviction.

Born in Barrie, Ontario in 1958, Richard has been painting and drawing since he was ten years old, developing his abilities on a self-taught basis before enrolling in the fine arts department's four-year program at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Since graduating in 1990, he has opened and operated a small art gallery in Orillia, Ontario.

Richard has been the recipient of numerous scholarships and art awards throughout his career. In addition, his work has been purchased by many private and corporate collectors across North America.

Richard Vandermeer
South End Sunset 2 - 36x48.jpg

Jessica Vergeer

South End Sunset 2. 30"x 40", Acrylic on Canvas.


Jessica is a contemporary artist based in Parry Sound.
She specializes in creating vibrant and evocative paintings focused on the stunning natural landscapes of Georgian Bay and its surroundings. Finding inspiration through discovery and experience, Jessica spends much of her spare time exploring Georgian Bay by boat with family and friends. These adventures bring experiences and opportunities to connect with the landscape and the paintings they inspire.

With her background in fine arts and a passion for expressing herself visually, Jessica’s paintings evoke powerful emotional responses and encourage viewers to explore the beauty of Georgian Bay through her unique artistic lens. Time spent on “the Bay” is usually followed by days in the studio working to bring her experiences to life as new paintings. Jessica often completes paintings in series, exploring different ideas, concepts and techniques for landscapes she finds inspiring.

Together with her partner Dan, Jessica runs a studio and gallery in downtown Parry Sound at 18 James Street.

Jessica Vergeer
Ivan Wheale
McGREGOR SUNRISE  26 x 22 oil.jpg

Ivan Wheale

McGregor Sunrise. 36" x 22", Oil On Canvas.


Ivan was born in Sunderland, England in 1934 and settled in Canada in 1957. He moved to Manitoulin Island in 1975 where he now lives and works. 

Ivan is a self-taught artist whose work hangs in numerous public and corporate collections including the Queen’s Collection, Windsor Castle, the Government of Ontario, the Provincial Buildings, Ottawa, and the Lieutenant Governor’s, Queen’s Park, Toronto. He is the recipient of many awards including an Honorary Degree from Laurentian University, the Rotary International Paul Harris Award and the Canada Council. He was listed in the American Artists Survey of Leading Contemporaries in 1989. Ivan has held more than 90 solo exhibitions, including three touring exhibitions circulating Ontario, and a 50-year retrospective at the Centennial Museum, Sheguiandah. In addition, he has contributed to more than 65 group exhibitions. 

Ivan’s writing includes The Artist’s Conception, Manitoulin Expositor, 1985, and a five-year weekly television programme in Sudbury. He is a past member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour and the Society of Canadian Artists. He was an art instructor at Haliburton School of Fine Arts, Elliot Lake School of Fine Arts, Cambrian College, Georgian College, the Ontario Arts Council and Laurentian University. 

Ivan Wheale has been a featured artist at Perivale Gallery since 1981.

Jan Wheeler
jan wheeler_View Over Collins Inlet.jpg

Jan Wheeler

View Over Collins Inlet. 20"x 30", Oil on Canvas.


Jan Wheeler has always been drawn to the wilder spirit of the outdoors. She finds the locations she works with while hiking, paddling or snowshoeing the numerous backcountry routes in Ontario. She then takes her rough work to her studio and develops her reference material into the undulating scenes that unfold on her canvases. 

Jan studied her craft in diverse schools that include Seneca College, Byam Shaw School of Art in London, U.K., Lorenzo d’Medici School of Art in Florence, Italy and a calligraphy studio in Sendai, Japan.

As a young graphic designer, Jan’s work took her to Japan, Saudi Arabia, Europe, the U.K. and across Canada. While working and living in these rich and diverse cultures, she took every opportunity to learn more about her field. Growing up in Canada provided a full grounding in landscape art, through the Group of Seven and contemporaries. Extensive time in the U.K. and Europe gave her access to schools and great art galleries and museums, driving her to find her own voice for her work. Her strongest influences have been Henry Moore and Lawren Harris.

Jan has exhibited in many cities around the world, including New York, Toronto, Jeddah, Tokyo and Nashville and has earned several awards including Dr. Robert Bennett People’s Choice Award, Emerging Artist Project Award, Nancy Mattice Award Finalist Nashville, and an International Arts Competition Award.


Derek C Wicks

Strong And Free. 18"x 30", Acrylic on Masonite.


 "Why am I a nature artist?" Derek muses, "Because it is what moves and excites me. Since I was a young boy I have had a fascination with nature and the ‘critters’ that inhabit it, a fascination that has never diminished."

For more than 30 years, art and nature have been his business, his inspiration, his love, his addiction and his day-to-day motivation. 

"It is what energizes me, drives me and supports me. Whether it is a bird at my backyard feeder, or a polar bear in the arctic, both give me the same thrill today as they did as a young boy many years ago."

"My paintings are a tapestry, if you will, of my experiences, interactionsand adventures both near and far. They are a visual timeline of moments in my life and the world I have been fortunate to see first-hand. Painting nature and wildlife is not just what I do, it is what I am and what I hope to inspire others to be. How fortunate am I to live my dream and share it with others through my work."

"Whether I am painting the next entry in my timeline or designing a coin for the Royal Canadian Mint, wildlife and nature will always be the inspiration that drives me and directs me."

Derek Wicks
Kent Wilkens

Kent Wilkens

Running Deer. 48"x 18", Acrylic on Canvas. 


Kent Wilkens was born in Nottingham, England. His family then moved back to Ontario where Kent spent most of his childhood and teens.

Since early childhood, Kent showed interest in drawing and painting, dabbling in charcoal, pastels, oils, and other mediums, trying his hand at everything from psychedelic and abstract art to portraits.

The seventies saw his interest in the arts fade. After working in the oil fields of Alberta, Kent moved to Southern California where he pursued a career in home remodelling, design and drafting.

On returning to Ontario, he soon regained his interest in painting. 1988 was the first year his works were offered for sale. In the spring of 1990, he released his first limited edition print, and to date he has published more than 100 reproductions of his original paintings.

While in the Middle East painting a mural in a chapel, Kent met his wife Rachael, who was a missionary from Australia. Kent and Rachael have raised six children in Tobermory
and Australia. Currently, Kent, Rachael and two of the children are back to wintering in Tobermory.

Kent realized early on that he would not be known for the number of his paintings but for the best paintings he created. So he continues to look for "that special something" that sets a work apart.

He views each of his paintings as a challenge “to attempt to present what God has already painted, using His palette of light, on the canvas of His Creation.”

Wendy Wingfelder
MINI Wendy Wingfelder _The Old Schoolhouse at Pleasant Point Honey Harbour_ - 21x29_ Water

Wendy Wingfelder

The Old Schoolhouse near Pleasant Point, Honey Harbour. 21"x 29", Watercolour on Paper. 


Wendy graduated in 1986 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration and Painting from Syracuse University. Georgian Bay has always been an integral part of her spirit and family life, beginning with childhood summers spent at the cottage built by her parents. 

Wendy feels most creative when painting from life, quietly observing and exploring how a place feels in the present moment. She finds inspiration in everyday life, as well as in the hidden bays, quiet waters, and drama of windswept Georgian Bay. Her love of the outdoors often leads her to plein-air painting, and she is interested in finding new ways of exploring the landscape and working with memory. 

Wendy maintains studios in Barrie and Honey Harbour. Over her decades-long practice she has participated in numerous exhibitions as well as auctions for the MacLaren Art Centre and the Georgian Bay Land Trust.

Nancy Yanaky
Sunset Rock 3, 36 X 36.jpg

Nancy Yanaky

Sunset Rock 3. 36"x 36", Oil on Canvas.


Nancy is a Canadian impressionist-style landscape painter who enjoys experimenting with colour. She finds inspiration in the Canadian landscape while kayaking in Georgian Bay and hiking to beautiful scenic lookouts.

Nancy studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design, focusing mainly on printmaking, fabric design and enamel on metal. For most of her career she has worked creating art with high school students who have developmental disabilities. Inspired by many painting workshops and a desire to capture the sense of joy that she feels in nature, Nancy is constantly dreaming about her next painting.

Nancy’s work has been collected internationally and is currently available at Red Canoe Gallery in Muskoka, Cloud Gallery in Orillia, Killarney Mountain Lodge, Petroff Gallery in Toronto, The Lodge at Pine Cove on the French River, and various Provincial Parks Visitor Centres, including Lake Superior and French River.

“With a passion for the outdoors, I can’t wait to spend time outside and out on the water. I hope my paintings convey the sense of joy I feel in nature.”

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