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The Artists of Algonquin

Shelly Beach - Algonquin
Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Shelley Beach

Here in the Drowsing Wilderness
22" x 22" Watercolour

Shelley Beach’s transparent watercolours and acrylics are truly a celebration of life. They capture in a soft and subtle style, the beauty of our natural environment.

Shelley is an honour graduate of Ontario College of Art & Design in 2004, a silver-level signature member of the Toronto Watercolour Society and an award-winning painter.

A popular watercolour and acrylic instructor throughout Durham region and beyond, she instructs water-media classes at Fleming College, Haliburton School of the Arts. Shelley’s paintings hang in numerous corporate and private collections, including those of Veridian Corporation and the previous Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Hilary M. Weston.

Shelley’s work ranges from traditional watercolour to experimental mixed media and monotype and is represented by the Ethel Curry Gallery, Haliburton. Shelley’s home and studio on Kennisis Lake provide the perfect setting for inspiration from the beauty of the Haliburton Highlands.

Lily Pad, Flower, Water, Aquatic Plant
Joyce Burkholder

Ponder Lily
20" x 40" Acrylic

The award-winning art of Joyce Burkholder reflects a profound love and appreciation of the Algonquin landscape and her unique way of seeing and painting what surrounds her. Joyce chooses to paint primarily outdoors on location in all seasons using oils, acrylics and watercolour. Her inspired paintings capture the moments she witnesses with freshness and vitality.

For 40 years, Joyce has carved an artistic and creative life on the land, building first her 16’ x 16’ cabin, heating with wood, carrying water, and earning a living from her craft. Today she is an award-winning artist with works in hundreds of private collections throughout Canada and abroad. She also leads painting workshops in all mediums in and near Algonquin Park.

A prolific and dynamic painter, Joyce has a passionate commitment to portray the beauty that surrounds her so that others may experience and remember the wilderness in it’s infinite and changeable wisdom. Algonquin is an area to preserve and protect. Joyce believes we and future generations depend on that primal connection with nature.

Joyce Burkholder - Algonquin
Lake, Trees, Sunset, Algonquin Park paintingg
Donna Caldwell

Bark Lake Sunset
12" x 16" Oil

Donna Caldwell has been interested in drawing and painting since her early childhood in the Bancroft area of North Hastings County. However, she didn’t realize that she had a future as a painter until she took art courses in Ottawa, where she was working at the time.

Since moving back to the Bancroft area, Donna has taken lessons from a local artist. This gave her the confidence to continue painting and she discovered “realism” was her calling.

Surrounded by the perfect setting in the Hastings Highlands and Haliburton Counties, she is able to capture “Nature at its Best”!

Although she has experimented in several media, she has found that working in oil brings stunning colour and realistic beauty to her canvases. The simple things in nature seem beautiful to her, such as an old rotting stump, an autumn leaf, a bird nestled in a tree, a deer peering through the leaves or a babbling brook trickling over stones.

Participating in several local art tours and shows has been rewarding to her as she enjoys sharing her “Brush with Nature”!

Donna Caldwell - Algonquin
Trees in Algonquin Winter Forest
Andrew Collett

Winter Blues
24" x 36" Giclee Print

Andrew Collett has always loved the character of the land and the secrets it reveals to the patient eye. As a child, he spent his summers getting to know the landscape of Georgian Bay, Muskoka and beyond. He became an observer of nature, discovering the beauty of places and seasons that were often overlooked by others. Andrew started his career in the business side of visual design, and a number of years passed before he realized he had his own distinctive vision to express. In photography he found a powerful medium into which he could pour his boundless creative energies.

When a scene captures Andrew Collett’s eye, it’s because he has had a vision of what it could be at its best. It could be at four in the morning when the mists rise from the night-cooled land; or, at seven in the evening as a thunderstorm batters a distant line of dark trees. Andrew’s goal is to capture a scene in exactly the circumstances when experience tells him it will be suffused with the most intense emotion. He works hard to grasp a fleeting feeling; one which lives for just a brief moment in a masterstroke of light, colour, shape, perspective… and timing. He brings to life moments gathered from the land and fashions into them into fine images that are celebrated in interiors of all kinds, where the echoes of what he has experienced will resonate for years to come.

Andrew Collett - Algonquin
Algonquin Park, Forest, Island, Lake
David Dawson

Muskoka Bay Sunset
24" x 30" Gouache

David Dawson was born in Hamilton, Ontario and raised in Ancaster and Galt, where he began painting at the age of ten. As a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, he worked as a designer at Parkin Architects for five years and then for a number of years was a freelance architectural renderer working on numerous international projects. He now paints full time and has been inducted as a member to the Ontario Society of Artists.

David doesn’t view his paintings as portraits of a place; rather, he takes inspiration from a specific location and uses the environment as the subject matter for his works.

He begins the process with small colour studies on the trail. This allows him to capture the moment and the important things such as composition, colour and texture. Back at the studio, these trail sketches and in some cases, back up photos (for orientation), are the materials that inspire a larger painting. David paints in an expressionistic style and says some finished paintings inspire him to further explore the elements they contain. This leads him toward abstract expressionism which reflects the original inspiration but allows viewers to find their own meaning in the work.

David Dawson - Algonquin
Algonquin canoe paddle art
Janet Stahle

Sunrise Paddle
36" x 36" Giclee Print

Janet Stahle is a painter and printmaker. She completed her fine art studies at the University of Guelph and at several other Ontario colleges and universities. She also has a M.A. degree in philosophy.

Her love of exploring media is apparent in the diversity of her work that includes pastel and acrylic paintings, woodcuts, linocuts, etchings, monotypes and mixed media. The content of her work is inspired from what she refers to as “inner and outer journeys.”

Janet’s work has been exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ontario, the McMichael Gallery and in numerous solo and group shows, both nationally and internationally. She is the recipient of many awards and has been a guest on CBC’s “Morningside” with Peter Gzowski. Her work has been featured in Canadian books, magazines and newspapers and is included in private and corporate collections. She is a faculty member in fine art at Nipissing University.

Janet Stahle - Algonquin
Algonquin Park forest, island, lake, art
Kathy M Haycock

Magical Shore
20" x 24" Oil

Kathy M. Haycock works outside in all seasons, inspired by the immediate and exuberant experience of “being there”, painting from within the landscape. Through her paintings she pays tribute to the power and delicate fragility of nature’s untarnished places.

Her interpretation is influenced by her father, Arctic painter Maurice Haycock, and by his close painting partner, A.Y. Jackson. She also has taken valuable workshops with contemporary artists but is otherwise self-taught. Her work is represented in private, public and corporate collections across Canada, in the USA, Europe, China, the Middle East and Australia.

Kathy works in water soluble oils and other non-toxic mediums. She donates a portion of all her sales to environmental causes.

Kathy M Haycock - Algonquin
Andrew A Hillo - Algonquin
Algonquin art, guitar, woman, forest
Andrew A. Hillo

24" x 48" Oil

At the age of ten, Andrew Hillo’s parents enrolled him into the Royal Ontario Museum’s ‘Saturday Morning Club’. This weekly experience amidst some of the finest artworks and artifacts on the planet, created a deep and lasting impression. Two years later he began an apprenticeship with his father in the family signwriting shop; it resulted in a solid education in the forms and shapes employed in graphic arts.

Interestingly enough, these early influences led him to become a lead guitarist in various heavy rock bands, stints in feature film carpentry and experiments in astronomy education, art, and tourism products.

His work is especially known in the South Algonquin region, with numerous hand-lettered and carved signs embellishing communities, and several larger than life sculptures are amongst his artistic accomplishments.

The dark skies needed for ‘The Stargazer Sky Map’ led him back to the edge of Algonquin Park. It was here, in the nocturnal woods, that he conceived what he considers his greatest artistic discovery, ‘Secrets of the Algonquin Night’. The work involves a small audience in the evening forest wearing headphones, they experience an unprecedented voyage of sound, story and visual effects.

Algonquin Eastern Wolf sculpture bronze
Kevin Hockley

Spirit of Algonquin - Eastern Wolf
44"l x 47"h x 18"w (Life Size), Bronze LE-6

Specializing in wildlife themes, Kevin Hockley gets inspiration directly from his surroundings. His studio is located near Maynooth, Ontario, only a short drive from Algonquin Provincial Park where he finds an abundance of inspirational opportunities.

Kevin gained a detailed understanding of animal anatomy while working as a taxidermist with the Royal Ontario Museum. This knowledge enables him to sculpt freely without thinking about structure or proportions, and allows the essence of what he wants to convey to come through.

Kevin has enlarged his knowledge of wildlife with expeditions to Alaska, Africa, South America and numerous areas of North America, he has also visited zoos and private reserves, which provide him with opportunities to enhance his work.

Noteworthy museum representation of his work includes The Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto; Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa; Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Regina; and the Smithsonian Institute,Washington DC.

Kevin Hockley - Algonquin
Algonquin Autumn Swamp Trees Water

Lori Kallay

Autumn Swamp
16" x 20" Acrylic

Lori Kallay has had a life-long passion for art and has been fortunate enough to pursue it. A self-taught artist, she grew up spending summers and weekends year-round in the Haliburton Highlands in Ontario. This has had a profound influence on her art. She works principally in acrylics and watercolour although she says she finds experimenting in new mediums to be exciting.

Her hope is that when viewers examine her art, they are enveloped by the scene and experience all the sensations inherent in the place she has interpreted. To feel the coolness of the water or sense the crisp morning air and gain a feeling of calm is her greatest aspiration.

Lori Kallay - Algonquin
David Kay - Algonquin
Algonquin Madawaska River winter forest

David Kay

Madawaska River
24" x 28" Oil

David Kay has had an interest in art and nature from an early age. He is mostly a self-taught painter, however, formal training from the former Schneider School of Fine Art in Actinolite, Ontario and the Institute d’Allende is San Miguel Mexico have enhanced both his knowledge and style.

Now living in Whitney, Ontario at the edge of Algonquin Park, paintbrush in hand, David spends a lot of time outdoors experiencing the changing seasons and the many moods of nature. His paintings reflect the ruggedness and freedom of the environment as he
perceives it.

David’s work is found in many collections in Canada and throughout the world. David is
also an active member of many art councils including The Quinte Arts Council and the
East Central Ontario Art Association.

Mark Kulas - Algonquin
Algonquin Fox pouncing in snow art

Mark Kulas

16 " x 20" Acrylic

Born in Ottawa, Ontario and growing up on the shores of Golden Lake, Mark Kulas had access to endless miles of waterways and Canadian Shield. Inspiration came naturally to him. He now lives in Pembroke, Ontario and divides his time between the Ottawa Valley and the family cottage in Muskoka.

His spare time is invested in training to stay competitive in triathlons, cross-county skiing, masters swimming and running. On the roof of his vehicle there is usually a canoe or kayak at the ready to explore some lake or river which looks inviting and has the potential for subject matter.

Mark paints with acrylics, depicting scenes and concepts inspired by the wilderness of the Ottawa Valley, Algonquin Park and Muskoka. His work in graphic design, illustration and photography helped him develop the skill and discipline necessary to create his art.

John Lennard - Algonquin

John Lennard

Sun and Shade
30" x 40" Oil

John Lennard displayed a keen interest in art from an early age and after graduating from Leaside High School, studied at the Ontario College of Art and later the Art Students League of New York. In more than thirty years devoted to painting, the Canadian landscape has provided an unending variety of subject matter and continues to be a constant source of inspiration for his art.

The paintings, primarily oil paint on canvas, reflect a direct response to nature, a consciousness of the environment and an awareness of the dangers posed to the natural world. They intensify the subject and follow the seasons with a strong, rich treatment. The works reflect a deep-seated love of nature and evoke the remembered sensations of season, place and time. The bold colour and strong design make one feel, rather than see, what was experienced at that place and time. The brilliance of Lennard’s palette enables the viewer to look into shadows and see light and colours they never knew existed in nature, thus allowing them to enter nature with a sensitized eye. The paintings emphasize colour, light and pattern, and aesthetic concerns are no less important than the landscape that is their theme.

John has exhibited his work in Canada, the United States and abroad for many years and has taught drawing and painting classes and workshops for both children and adults at various times throughout his career. His paintings are represented in numerous collections in Canada, the United States and abroad.

Algonquin lake trees sunshine art
Algonquin frozen lake island lake bullrushes

Chuck Lewis

Winter's Sleep

24" x 20" Oil

Chuck Lewis' love of art and his natural ability have been augmented over many years by a variety of courses and workshops. He maintains studios in Port Credit, Ontario, and in the Haliburton Highlands on Glamor Lake. As a director of an international engineering firm, his work allows him to travel the world. While a great number of his pieces depict local scenes in the Haliburton Highlands, others portray international settings experienced during his travels.

He works with both inks and oils and has had several solo gallery shows in the Toronto and Kitchener areas, as well as numerous group showings. His work also has been commissioned by individuals and corporations and can be found in private collections throughout Canada.

Chuck Lewis - Algonquin
Sandi Luck - Algonquin
Lake homes fish fabric art

Sandi Luck

School Days
Mixed Media & Fibre Collage, Fuse, Stitch

Sandi Luck works primarily with natural fibres which are altered with paint, dye, silk screen, needle felt, wet felt or digital print. She works intuitively to create simple shapes which are re-configured and appliqued into a collage, embellished with beads, buttons and found objects, and may be hand or machine stitched and slashed or burned.

Sandi works in multiple techniques including welt felting, digital print and deconstruction of an existing fabric into fibre to create a new fabric. What remains constant is the use of vibrant colour.

Whether the piece is a wall hanging, clothing, jewellery or soft furnishings, her work is recognizable for it’s multiple layers of brilliant colour and stitch embellishments.

Sandi has lived in Haliburton for the past 20 years and is a founding member of the Art Hive Maple Lake Artisans Collective and an active member of the local arts community. She has exhibited locally and nationally and her work may be found in private collections worldwide.

Jay McCarten - Algonquin
Algonquin forest lake trees lowlands

Jay McCarten

30 " x 60"Acrylic

Jay McCarten’s family has had a cottage in the Highland region for 50 years and this is where he spent all his summers growing up. As an adult with his own family, he often took them canoeing in the interior of Algonquin Park.

Jay attended Ontario College of Art and has been working in various forms of the art field for 30 years. Recently he was involved with an Artist-in-residence program at the Agnes Jamieson Gallery in Minden, followed by a solo exhibition entitled Jay McCarten, in Haliburton.

“I am continually humbled by nature” Jay says. “It is the thing that grounds me in the imposed reality where we exist. Within a seemingly indiscriminate collision of forms, a long established and powerful system of order emerges. It’s bigger than our human experience. I use the landscape in my art as a symbol to represent a spiritual place as opposed to any real physical place. I don’t draw from nature but rather I draw from within my experience of nature. I see myself as creator rather than just a camera.”

Ingrid Monteith - Algonquin
Algonquin driftwood tree of life

Ingrid Monteith

Tree of Life
38" x 28" Acrylic on Driftwood

Ingrid Monteith has always had a passion for nature and natural materials such as rocks, minerals and driftwood. Her childhood was spent exploring the beaches and headlands of Northern Ireland’s east coast.

Ingrid’s first creative venture, known as Cedar Grove Originals, involved designing and creating lapidary jewelry. Later she began painting local wildlife on rocks. Ingrid also created a 4’ x 16’ mural which is displayed in Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital, Burlington, Ontario. This mural includes scenes from camping trips enjoyed in Algonquin Park.

Ingrid fell in love with the beautiful driftwood pieces and cedar roots in the Bancroft area. This inspiration led to the discovery of endless creatures and possibilities, in driftwood. This new, exciting art form has become Ingrid’s passion. Each driftwood piece is carefully collected to protect the environment. Using, acrylics, marine varnish and imagination, these creations are ready for display in galleries, foyers, patios or gardens.

Cedar Grove Originals are available at gallery gift stores, studio tours, art shows and by appointment at her home studio.

Heather Inwood-Montrose
Algonquin Moose Sculpture art

Heather Inwood-Montrose

Rusty "Rusty Goes to Town"
7' tall Steel, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Re-purposed Metal

Heather Inwood-Montrose is a Metal Artist/Red Seal Journeyman Welder, a designation she obtained in Alberta, Canada. She owns and operates Irondell Metal Works.

She has been pursuing her artistic career since 2005, and describes herself as an organic, conscientious individual whose passion for detail is evident in her creations. Each piece is rich with symbolism and recognizable landscapes. She draws her inspiration from life, the people who cross her path, as well as from the natural beauty provided by the landscape of the Mineral Capital of Canada (Bancroft, ON) where she resides.

Her works are in numerous private collections, while public commissions include The Trillium Foundation, The Hastings Prince Edward County School Board and the Town of Bancroft. They also have been featured in numerous art shows and viewed by gallery visitors.

Heather is most often found creating whimsical and thoughtful pieces in her art studio or sculpture garden. “I would describe my art forms as biomorphic… they take on a life of their own once I set the wheels in motion and shift form as is appropriate to each piece. I prefer metal as a medium because of its versatility and strength – qualities I strive to cultivate!”

Agonquin sunset home winter

Corey Pietryszyn

Vinegar Hill
Contact artist for sizing and pricing options.

Self taught, Corey Pietryszyn has been photographing his outdoor experiences and adventures in Algonquin Highlands since 1998. Landscape photography has been his focus and first love. The one-on-one perspective, the thrill of the search, the connection with the subject and the adrenaline rush of getting the shot have been the draw that keeps bringing him back time and time again. Corey also enjoys wildlife, nature and portrait photography.

Corey actively collects local barn wood, historic pine and antique window frames to custom make the frames for his photographs. Each frame is uncommon; hand crafted and offers a unique touch from Mother Nature. He then hand rubs the finish, glues the frames and cut his own glass and acid free mats.

Corey Pietryszyn - Algonquin

Elke Scholz

15" x 22" Watercolour

Elke Scholz has been helping people since 1980. She says her calm approach invites a comfortable space for people to try new things. Some of Elke’s interests focus on attachment, trauma, loss and recovery using Expressive Arts. Part of her current work involves young people and Hospice, and focuses on building strengths. Her acute awareness and high sensitivity are a tremendous asset for her clients and make her unique in her field.

Elke’s work and articles have been published in more than a dozen national magazines and books, and she has authored her own book entitled “Loving Your Life”. She has spent 30 years painting, art coaching and managing her successful art studio in Canada. Elke has won many awards and numerous recognitions for her paintings. Her works give the beholder a sense of calm and joy. She now lives in Bracebridge, Ontario with her family.

Muskoka chairs Algonquin Park
Elke Scholz - Algonquin
Jane Selbie - Algonquin
Agonquin forest water fabric art

Jane Selbie

Verdant Glow
Please contact artist for pricing.
18 " x 15.5" Fabric

Viewers of Jane Selbie’s art not only appreciate the colour, texture and composition of her northern landscapes; they feel they are stepping into a special moment and place. Through a unique technique of fabric layering, she creates each picture with many pieces of fabric, sharp scissors, adhesive and a toothpick. Jane developed this original method of expression ten years ago and she has grown by practice and experimentation.

She teaches workshops from her studio and through an annual week-long course at the Haliburton School of the Arts. Her work is collected by individuals and companies across Canada and around the globe. A spacious studio and gallery offer a constantly changing display of her one-of-a-kind framed pieces, as well as lots of other surprises.

Elizabeth Siegfried
Agonquin forest dancer trees

Elizabeth Siegfried

Forest Dancers
$1500.00 Editions 1-8
$2500.00 Editions 9-10
Limited Edition Archival Ink Jet Print

Elizabeth Siegfried is a photographic artist who has been inspired throughout her life by the beauty and spirit of the Algonquin area. In 1904 Elizabeth’s great-grandfather built a summer home near Algonquin Park and she has spent many years at this beloved family camp, photographing her surroundings and immersing herself in family history.

Known for her work in portraiture of herself and others, meditative landscapes and photographic narrative, Elizabeth has worked with the historical process of platinum for more than twenty-five years. She has exhibited her images in Canada, the US, Italy, Germany, Japan and Mexico and her photographs are in museums and collections.

Recently, at the lake home, she found a box of 16mm film footage that was taken by her family between 1925-1945. Much of this film was shot at the lake and she has incorporated still images from this footage into a body of work called Termina, a contemplative photographic installation.

Other images are on cards ( that are available at local Algonquin area craft and design stores.

Elizabeth’s first book entitled LifeLines was published in 2000 and her work has been featured in magazines and journals. She is represented by the Stephen Bulger Gallery of Toronto.

Gertrud Sorensen - Algonquin
Algonquin cabin in woods, winter

Gertrud Sorensen

Cabin in the Woods
16" x 20" Oil

Gertrud Sorensen builds her landscape paintings with a heavy brush and oil paint. Her favorite medium is oil, however occasionally she uses watercolour and likes to sketch. She enjoys bringing life to canvasses with scenes of nature and paints mostly outdoors, in and around Algonquin Park. She is a self-taught painter who attended many workshops in and around Ontario.

An Austrian born Canadian, and a world traveler, Gertrud came to the Algonquin area in 1967 with her family. Initially she pursued photography and her images appeared in brochures for the resort she owned. In 1983 she began to paint in oil. A decade later, after retiring from her business, she could devote more time to painting.

Her paintings have been exhibited in several art galleries in and around the upper Ottawa Valley, and are held in numerous private collections in North America, Asia and Europe. Gertrud’s home and Art Gallery Studio, as well as many of her paintings, are on the property of the Couples Resort in Whitney Ontario.

Algonquin lake autumn forest

Linda Sorensen

Rock Lake Autumn
20" x 16" Oil

Linda Sorensen was born in London, England in 1953. Throughout childhood she was exceptionally gifted and interested in art. For 40 years she has lived close to nature near Wilno, Ontario and was part of the back to the land movement, raising her family in a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Her approach to painting involves hands-on adventure in Algonquin, Ontario’s oldest provincial park and one of the largest wilderness destinations in Canada. She travels by canoe or boat, hikes and camps. She paints outdoors in every season, and takes photographs and sketches, constantly exploring light, form and colour through her wilderness treks. She says this special quality of “being there” infuses each painting with immediacy.

One of the greatest influences on Linda’s creative spirit has been world-renowned artist and environmentalist, Robert Bateman. Linda says she aspires “to convey my vision of our natural world and its beauty, and in doing so, to inspire humanity to respect nature and be stewards of our wilderness and wildlife habitats.”

Linda’s work is represented in private collections across Canada, USA, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Germany.

Linda Sorensen - Algonquin
Rob Stimpson - Algonquin
Algonquin Waterlilly Flower Lake

Rob Stimpson

13" x 19" Unframed - Signed Edition of 15, Giclee Print

Rob Stimpson is an internationally published, award-winning photographer best known for capturing the fury and tenderness of the Canadian outdoors. While Rob’s mainstream occupation is that of professional photographer, his education, creative talents and past experience suggest additional descriptions: teacher and wilderness guide.

His 20-year career has also taken him to the Arctic and Antarctic, sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and Central America, where he has focused on rare sights of the natural world and photo journalistic elements of indigenous people. Along the way, he has garnered numerous awards, including a Northern Lights Award from the Canadian Tourist Commission and Best Travel Photography Award from the Ontario Tourism Summit in 2007.

Rob is co-author (with Craig Thompson) of An Artist’s and Photographer’s Guide to Wild Ontario (Boston Mills Press.) His work has also appeared in Canadian Geographic, Explore, Chatelaine, Cathay Pacific and Japan Air in-flight magazines, the Globe & Mail and The Toronto Star. Corporate clients include Swift Canoe, Annenberg Foundation, Ontario Tourism and Ontario Parks. His work also can be seen in the Canadian Canoe Museum and the French River Visitor Centre.

When he is not taking photographs, he teaches travel and landscape photography at Fleming College in Haliburton, Ontario.

Eric Tenn - Algonquin
Algonquin Park Rock Art Granite

Eric Tenn

Rock Print

Eric says that when he enters Algonquin Park, the Park enters him. His photographic lenses fuse literal, sensory and imaginative elements to evoke and express metaphor. His Imaginative lenses may reveal different facets of the experience: Literal images capture elements immediately recognizable. Abstracts seek close-ups that highlight literal aspects of the subject in relatively unfamiliar ways. And certain images are explored digitally to find the impressionist resonance of the image and experience.

“Generally I shoot with a sense not only of the subject, but also a sense of what may be within it.” For Eric, the artistic experience is manifest both in the relationality with the subject and the way in which the image develops form, whether through chemical or digital processes.

While living in London England, Eric often yearned for the forests of Canada, and he has called Muskoka home for the past ten years. His background encompasses music, philosophy, psychology, martial arts and Shamanic studies . Eric works as a psychotherapist in private practice.

Carole Ann Thur - Algonquin
Algonquin Park Loon Sunset Water Art

Carole Ann Thur

Morning Glow
11" x 14" Acrylic

Carole was born in London, England but became a naturalized Canadian citizen at the age of 14 months. She lived in Gatineau, Quebec where, at an early age, the beauty of the hills instilled the beginnings of her artistic endeavours. Since then she has taught herself through reading art books and studying old masters techniques, concentrating on portraiture initially, and later on landscapes with animals and/or objects.

Due to a busy adult life, she was unable to pursue art again until retirement. She now works out of her home in Bracebridge, Ontario, where she has lived for more than 35 years. She paints in acrylic on hand-crafted wood items, canvas, and has done wall murals as well as charcoal portraits. Her painting style is impressionistic with touches of realism.

In her artwork she endeavours to promote sensitivity to the beauty, serenity and sacredness of nature - land, animal and human - instilling in viewers the need to preserve and care for natural surroundings, be they forests, lakes or wetlands.

She is a member of Muskoka Arts & Crafts Inc., Haliburton Arts Council and Rails End Gallery and Art Centre, Haliburton.

Catherine Timm - Algonquin
Algonquin Park Swamp Water Trees

Catherine Timm

18.5" x 24" Fabric

Catherine Timm expresses her creativity through the exploration of textiles. Always thoughtful, her work celebrates her love for and kinship with her surroundings, reflected in colour, shapes, forms and texture. She uses this inspiration to synthesize what she sees into a textural form of art cloth. The work may include just fabric or fibre, or may contain paint, wire, paper, beads, or whatever is necessary to convey images which could be representational or abstract collage.

Catherine attended the Ontario College of Art in the 70’s and has continued her education by taking workshops and courses with prominent mixed media artists. She began exhibiting her work in 2008. It has appeared in galleries and is included in numerous private collections.

Currently her work can be viewed work at the Joanne Gauci Gallery in Beachburg, or by visiting her studio in Westmeath.

Sophia Tink - Algonquin

Sophia Tink

Ruby Red Dahlia
209.22 grams Fine Silver (999) and Sterling Silver (925)
29.70ct Blood Red Ruby from Madagascar
(Treated Chathum Diffusion)

Sophia Tink is the owner of Sophia Tink Jewellery Art Studio in the beautiful Algonquin Highlands in Ontario Canada.

Individualistic, Imaginative, and Identifiable is how she would describe her work. Sophia’s art pieces are hand sketched, sculpted, finely detailed and finished to the highest metalsmithing standards.

Quality is of the utmost importance to her along with design sensibility. “I love what I do. It allows me to merge my two passions, Art and Nature, to create unique Jewellery Art pieces using traditional and non-traditional jewellery techniques.”

Since 1982, Sophia has been a professional artist and instructor of one–of–a–kind offerings. She has been recognized for her art work throughout the world, including the 2011 North American Design Competition, 2011 Silver Accessories Magazine Japan, 2010 Art Clay World USA Artist of the Month, 2009 Art Clay Silver TV Documentaries, 2008 North American Design Competition, 2008 Silver Accessories Magazine Japan, and 2007 MCWC Exhibition USA.

Currently Sophia is a faculty member of the Haliburton School of the Arts Fleming College, Haliburton County Studio Tour, and Haliburton Artisans Tour de Forest.

Algonquin Park Silver Gems
Wendy Wallace - Algonquin
Algonquin Park Forest Trees Chairs

Wendy Wallace

Mad Hatter Forest
74" x 43" Acrylic on Acrylic Sheeting in Polyresin and Wood

Wendy Wallace is a graduate of the University of Toronto and Sheridan College where she received a Bachelor of Arts with a Specialist in Visual Studies and Major in Art History. She received a scholarship from the Banff Centre’s School of Fine Arts where she completed an independent study session.

Wendy has been a part of the Muskoka area since childhood. She has been making and teaching art in this area since 1984. Wendy Wallace’s images centre on the impact of what she describes as “metaphorical and observational narrative.”

Her work explores the interrelationships among architecture, industry, people and nature and embodies a social consciousness. Wallace’s work connects with cultural narratives from the past and present in cities and towns. She draws upon similarities and differences that are relevant to society’s relationship with nature. Overall her work identifies the urban, rural and suburban landscape as cultural symbols.

Wendy Wood- Algonquin
Algonquin Park Ravine Forest

Wendy Wood

Ravine Light
24" x 36" Acrylic

Someone once said ‘Paint what you see’. This is what Wendy Wood does. She is fortunate, she says, to live just south of Algonquin Park in Central Ontario, a setting that affords her a never-ending vista of inspiration.

Wendy paints vibrant landscapes on canvas with acrylic paint. “I prefer liquid acrylics” she says. “I find I am able to get the detail I want or I can use them like watercolour and obtain movement and spontaneity.” Wendy is drawn to the contrast, the light and the structure of the landscape. She carries her camera everywhere, always looking for that perfect spot. When weather permits, she enjoys painting outdoors, where she strives to capture the moment and the feel of the scene.

Wendy’s attention to detail is evident in her work, a legacy of her earlier years as a draftsperson. Wendy has no formal training as an artist but has taken many courses over the years. She has been working as an artist for more than 20 years and her work can be found at various galleries and private collections throughout Ontario.

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