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Algonquin Paintings Arts Book Cover
Algonquin Paintings Arts Book Cover
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The Art of Ludmila

Dr. Ludmila has been enamoured and obsessed with the natural world since she was a child. It’s ironic she discovered her gift to depict Nature’s many and diverse beings late in life.
Behold the paintings of Dr. Ludmila, self-taught artist.
Her mission? To awaken the wonder of children, all children, so they may witness Mother Nature’s creatures before humans obliterate all life forms.
This is a legacy of love and respect for Earth’s bounty.

Mendelson Joe
August 2012


The Art of Ludmila Art Book Hard Cover
There's Something About This Place hockey book

So why Haliburton? Why is the area like it is? How can a village such as this command such significant attention in the million dollar National Hockey League?
This book aims to address that very question. By delving into its social and hockey history and studying the area’s people and personalities perhaps we might see what makes Haliburton so influential in the world of professional hockey. Consider this a literary investigation into an obscure but tasty cultural phenomenon.
Maybe there is truly something about this place.

Charlie Teljeur
November 2011

Sunny-Side Up at the Kosy Korner

Yes, it seems odd. With all the important things going on in the world these days – economic downturns, wars and monumental environmental concerns – here’s a book about a simple, even inconspicuous diner situated in rural Ontario. Gathered between these covers are words, photos and a bit of history about a place where nothing too dramatic or exciting happens, where eggs are cracked, bacon sizzles and good coffee is served hot – a place where people generally come in happy and leave in the very same way.

Then again, perhaps it is precisely for these reasons that a book like this ought to be written. After all, the Kosy Korner has been a Haliburton icon for 75 years and counting. In that time it has served lumbermen, salesmen, trappers, soldiers, farmers, teamsters, hunters, anglers, tourists, doctors, nurses, teachers, secretaries, housewives, common folks and even a movie star.
Steve Galea
September 2010

Book by Andrea Hillo

Andrea Hillo lives in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada, near internationally known and loved Algonquin Provincial Park.
Andrea’s design passion and creative thinking have afforded her the privilege of working with some of Canada’s leading forces of art and culture, including author Roy MacGregor, artist/musician Mendelson Joe, and legendary naturalist/artist Robert Bateman.
Her work is bold and purposeful, much like her personality. She is an independent publisher and award winning graphic artist who puts her heart and soul into all her work.
Photo by Jenn Watt / QMI Agency


“Thank you so much for the copy of Artists of Algonquin.

It's gorgeous. But more than that, it's a lovely tribute to many great artists who deserve more recognition, and will now have it.”

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