The Artists of Haliburton Highlands

Terry Adair

Top: Haunting. Bottom Left: Wisdom. Bottom Right: Predator.

Terry Adair - Terry Adair brings wood to life in some of the most beautiful and unique sculptures ever seen. His wood sculptures are all one-of-a-kind.
Each piece of wood inspires its own carving resulting in a form of grace and attitude. The wood, often with gnarls and unique shapes, comes from the bush and saw mills in the Haliburton area.
The structure of the wood and the nature of the grain enable Terry to bring an expression of warmth and rhythm to every sculpture. He carefully scrutinizes each piece to anticipate how the wood will withstand each stage of carving. Stress cracks or splits can destroy both the investment of time and the emotional energy that is carried into each sculpture.
Terry’s art is known for its originality as well as the perfection of the work itself. Visitors to Twisted Pine Studio are engaged by the inspiration in Terry’s work. His studio overlooks a beautiful, gardened three acre estate on the outskirts of Haliburton Village.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Sarah Carlin-Ball


24” x 30”, Acrylic & Collage.

When Sarah began a meditation practice four years ago, she began to paint and write in earnest. The vivid sense of connection and oneness that she experiences in meditation moves her to express this harmony in her artwork. Her main artistic intention, she says, is to infuse her work with moments of calm, ease and love. While she hopes her art inspires a sense of peace, connectedness and freedom, her works also point to the urgency of our predicament: our way of life is harmful. We are leaving a legacy of waste and carelessness.
Sarah’s acrylic paintings, collages, and linoblock prints use vibrant colours and motifs to convey light and energy and her experience of here and now. Bird imagery represents our potential for freedom: not freedom to do as we wish, but freedom from suffering and from the prisons we make with our own minds.
Perhaps, she says, inspiring connection and a sense of freedom will awaken a desire to change.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Shelley Beach

Standing the Test of Time

18” x 23”, Watercolour

Shelley Beach’s transparent watercolours and acrylics are truly a celebration of life. Her use of fluid, water-based mediums provides a way to express harmony with the natural environment.
“My constantly evolving work represents the search for connections and an acknowledgement of mystery,” she says.
Shelley is a popular watercolour and acrylic instructor throughout Durham region and beyond. For the past five summers she has taught watercolour and acrylic courses at Fleming College,
Haliburton School of The Arts.
Shelley is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists, an honour graduate of Ontario College of Art & Design in 2004 and a silver level signature member of the Toronto Watercolour Society. Shelley’s paintings hang in numerous corporate and private collections, including those of Veridian Corporation and the previous Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Hilary M. Weston. Represented by the Ethel Curry Gallery, Haliburton and the Algonquin Art Centre, Shelley’s work is mainly water-based but ranges from traditional watercolour to experimental mixed media and monotype.  Shelley’s home and studio is on Kennisis Lake, where she is continually inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the Haliburton Highlands.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Carole Finn

Going Up Ferns

36” x 24”, Acrylic

Carole Finn is a lifelong artist who works in a variety of mediums, exploring the language of colour relationships, value and intensity. Her greatest inspiration comes from
the wild places and the people who are driven to protect them. A painter of series, her most recent groups inspired by Pacific Rim on Vancouver Island and the Minden White Water Preserve, reflect this confluence of visionary people and unique natural landscapes. In her own words, her artistic goal is “…to create forceful and strong works that allow the viewer to feel deep in their beings, the intensity of my experience.”
In December 2013, Carole Finn was welcomed as a member into the prestigious Ontario Society of Artists. She also has received the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for community work, a Fellowship in Applied Education from Sir Sandford Fleming College, the Founders Award from the Haliburton Arts Council, and the Highlander of the Year award from the
Haliburton Chamber of Commerce.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Fuel Glassworks and Artech Studios

Charred Coal.

Handblown Glass, Log Mold.

Fuel Glassworks is a traditional glassblowing studio in the Haliburton Highlands located in what was once the United Church, nestled in the rocks and woods of ghost town Tory Hill. Jenn Wanless-Craig and Terry Craig design and create handblown glass art. Graduates from the Glass Program at Sheridan College in Oakville, Jenn and Terry moved to the Highlands in 2004. Drawing inspiration from their boreal surroundings, they create modern
pieces that are distinctly Canadian.
Their work ranges from high-end sculptural pieces, lights and furniture to custom awards, movie props and unique tableware. Their line of upcycled beer glasses (Artech Studios) has expanded to include their own custom glasses, and as well, they work
in partnership with some of Canada’s largest micro breweries.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Tom Green

Left: The Dragon Wizard. Stained Glass.
Top Right: The Red Canoe. Stained Glass.
Bottom Right: A Walk in the Highlands.

Stained Glass.

Tom Green is a full-time stained glass artist living in Haliburton. He has been designing and creating stained glass for more than 30 years. Currently his work can be seen in many galleries across North America including the Ethel Curry Gallery in Haliburton and The Algonquin Arts Centre. He is a long-time member of the renowned Haliburton Studio Tour.
Tom received his stained glass and glass blowing training in the Niagara area during the 1980s. Before that he attended St. Lawrence College, Ontario College of Art and Queen’s University.
He opened a studio/gallery in Niagara Falls called Glass Eagle Studios where he began selling the stunning panels, brilliant suncatchers and glistening and original Tiffany-style lamps for
which he is so celebrated today.
Tom moved his business to Haliburton in 2000 for the love of the wilderness. His studio is in a renovated old school house where he has also developed an extensive garden.
He has an open-door policy for young graduating artists and is actively training local youth for future careers and endeavours in the arts.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Susan Hay

Snowy Swamp

28” x 28”, Acrylic

A love of the outdoors and a keen appreciation of the natural landscape inspire much of Susan Hay’s work. She and her husband have paddled many of the lakes in the Haliburton Highlands over the past decade, providing inspiration for many of her paintings. Walking along rugged Boice Bradley Road in the fall and winter provided a different vantage point. Susan uses a variety of techniques including texture, impressionism, abstraction and exaggeration of colour to create paintings that radiate vitality.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Gwynneth Heaton

First Snow

20“ x 30”, Acrylic

Gwynneth Heaton has been painting since 2000 and has taken numerous courses and workshops at the Haliburton School of The Arts as well as at Studio Six in Toronto. To date,
the teachers who have most influenced her are Steve Rose, Marianne Broome, Don Cavin and Brian Atyeo.
She concentrates on representational and abstracted landscapes but occasionally enjoys painting animals.
She has exhibited and sold her paintings with the Willowdale Group of Artists and the Don Valley Art Club where she won “Best abstract in show” and “Honourable Mention,” for two abstracts.  
Gwynneth paints quickly and intuitively, influenced by the warmth and colour in the scenes she has photographed all over the world. Her studio, Maison Moose, recently moved and is open by appointment in the warmer months, when often she can be found painting on her screened porch.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Pat Hemphill

Fall Fires

18” x 13”, Digital Photo Montage

Camera in hand, when Pat Hemphill captures the small or the large before her, an idea is born.
Through the lens, views change and suddenly even the smallest and insignificant object can become the centrepiece for a dramatic and colourful experience.
Becoming a member of the Tour De Forest Summer Artisans Tour and now opening her new “Images” studio on the outskirts of Haliburton Village, Pat offers visitors the chance to see the full range of her art as it’s evolving.  A trip to her studio allows each visitor to solve the mystery of how a unique digital photo is taken apart and reassembled to create an unusual and appealing montage effect. Visitors can also learn how a simple application can create a painting from a photo.
A relative newcomer to the world of artistic creation, mostly self taught and using ideas that grew out of workshops and various courses and seminars, Pat believes that almost everything is possible with the right ideas and some imagination.
To satisfy your curiosity, Pat’s work also can be viewed at the Rails End Gallery, The Agnes Jamieson Gallery and other local venues.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Andrew A. Hillo

Old Toddy to the Rescue

Digital Illustration

At the age of ten, Andrew A. Hillo’s parents enrolled him into the Royal Ontario Museum’s ‘Saturday Morning Club’. This weekly experience amidst some of the finest artworks and artifacts on the planet, created a deep and lasting impression. Two years later he began an apprenticeship with his father in the family signwriting shop; it resulted in a solid education
in the forms and shapes employed in graphic arts.
The last few years have seen Andrew A. Hillo pursuing new artistic directions. After decades of building large scale, multi media, eco-tourism, artworks he has joined the digital age.
His years of composing and recording electro-acoustic music led him to the idea of developing feature film projects. The musical tracks he once used to thrill audiences in the nocturnal
forest are now the soundtracks for epic tales of Canadian history.
Since 2010 he has completed a number of scripts, crafted hundreds of animations and built a collection of baroque/steampunk set props. He says “ I love developing Canadian stories that posses all the passion, power, thrills and chills that only cinema can create. Combining music, plot and images demand that an artist’s creative inspiration be at absolute peak capacity.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Gerry Hogaboam


22” x 15”, Watercolour, Ink and Gouache

In a painterly style, watercolourist Gerry Hogaboam captures her personal response to the essence and mood of a scene. Living on the north shore of Redstone Lake,
she enjoys the daily inspiration of the rugged landscape and atmospheric beauty of Haliburton County.
Gerry’s journey as a watercolour artist began in 2006 at the Haliburton School of The Arts and it continues under the excellent tutelage of its instructors.
Annual watercolour painting-holidays provide her with much-loved travel, new artistic challenges and instruction in non-Canadian landscapes.
Her professional affiliations include the Rails End Gallery (former Board Member, current Volunteer Coordinator), Associate Membership in the CSPWC, the Haliburton Highlands Arts Council and ECOAA. Gerry’s paintings are available for sale at the Rails End Gallery and at her studio Tall Trees. Her paintings are in private collections in Canada, the USA and Middle East.
Gerry exhibits annually at the Rails End Gallery Members’ Show in Haliburton and donates her paintings to numerous local charities. In June 2011, Gerry had a very successful, solo show
Scapes at the Rails End Gallery. In 2014, Gerry will participate in several group shows including the Haliburton summer studio tour The Tour de Forest.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Gord Jones

Oliver Road

10” x 14”, Watercolour

Gord Jones was born in Hamilton, Ontario and has been drawing and painting for more than 35 years. For the past 20 years, he and his family have been cottagers in the Haliburton Highlands. After experimenting with several mediums, such as pastels, oils, acrylics, and even egg tempera, he kept coming back to his favourite, watercolour.  
Gord is an elected member of the prestigious Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC), the Haliburton Arts Council, and has exhibited his work at the McMaster Innovation Park and the Made in Haliburton Gallery. He has several works in corporate and private collections.
Gord’s source of inspiration is landscapes, cityscapes and industrial scenes which he paints “en plein air” or in the studio from photographs he has taken. His approach is to interpret the essence of his subjects, rather than produce a meticulously detailed likeness.
Gord paints to communicate his impression of what interests him, and like others who are compelled to make art, he hopes that his work interests others as well.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Lori Kallay

The Sentinal

30” x 40”, Acrylic

Lori Kallay is a self-taught artist who has been influenced greatly by the Haliburton Highlands, where she spent summers and many weekends while growing up. Today, she maintains her connection with the area, and has a studio at her cottage.
Working mainly in acrylics and watercolour, her purpose is to take viewers to a place that is at once familiar and different. The intimate connections she creates between the viewer and image heightens an awareness that beauty encompasses fragility. Through a passionate attention to detail, Lori aspires to allow viewers to feel the breeze or the coolness of the water; to smell the fresh
air and hear the wind and gain a sense of calm and sublime intimacy. She strives to make you feel that you are within the subject of her work rather than just a spectator.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
John Lennard

Algonquin Calm

30”x 40”, Oil

John Lennard displayed a keen interest in art from an early age and after graduating from Leaside High School, studied at the Ontario College of Art and later the Art Students League of New York. In more than thirty years devoted to painting, the Canadian landscape has provided an unending variety of subject matter and continues to be a constant source of inspiration for his art.
The paintings, primarily oil paint on canvas, reflect a direct response to nature, a consciousness of the environment and an awareness of the dangers posed to the natural world. They intensify the subject and follow the seasons with a strong, rich treatment. The works reflect a deep-seated love of nature and evoke the remembered sensations of season, place and time. The bold colour and strong design make one feel, rather than see, what was experienced at that place and time. The brilliance of Lennard’s palette enables the viewer to look into shadows and see light and colours
they never knew existed in nature, allowing them to enter nature with a sensitized eye. The paintings emphasize colour, light and pattern, and aesthetic concerns are no less important than the landscape that is their theme.
John has exhibited his work in Canada, the United States and abroad for many years and has taught drawing and painting classes and workshops for both children and adults at various times throughout his career. His paintings are represented in numerous collections in Canada, the United States and abroad.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Chuck Lewis

Summer Scene, Northern Ontario

30" x 22", Oil

Chuck Lewis’s love of art and his natural ability have been augmented over many years by a variety of courses and workshops. He maintains studios in Port Credit, Ontario, and in the Haliburton Highlands on Glamor Lake. As a director of an international engineering firm, his work allows him to travel the world. While many of his pieces depict local scenes in the Haliburton Highlands, others portray international settings experienced during his travels.
He works with both inks and oils and has had several solo gallery shows in the Toronto and Kitchener areas, as well as numerous group showings. His work also has been commissioned by individuals and corporations and can be found in private collections throughout Canada.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Charles O'Neil


Copper & Glass Beaded Figure.

Charles O’Neil - Some people are drawn to an art career early in life; others must wait years for their muse to find them. Such is the case for Charles O’Neil.
Following a lengthy and successful career in the local business community, Charles made the transition into a full-time artist. Always eager to expand his artistic repertoire he completed his Visual and Creative Arts Diploma, along with a Certificate in Artist Blacksmithing at Sir Sanford Fleming College.
The muse found a willing learner who excelled in a variety of artistic genres. Starting with classical life drawing and realist painting Charles moved into sculpting with wire in the mid 90s. With a twist of his hand and imaginative designs, his wire sculptures have brought him significant renown and captivated his audience. His creations have been displayed around the world, including Pearson International Airport Toronto, The Design Firm of Southfield Michigan, the Stuart Wietzman Collection of New York, the Haliburton Sculpture Forest, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canadian House and Home Magazine, and many private collections.
Charles is one of the founding members of the Haliburton County Studio Tour, and a faculty member of the Haliburton School of The Arts, where his easy-going personality quickly builds a rapport between him and his students. Earning the 2008 Artist of Distinction Award from the Haliburton Highlands Arts Council, Charles has been described as “an outstanding, multi-faceted artist and through his profile, brought distinction and recognition to the artistic
community in Haliburton County.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Rose Pearson

Tea Pot in Leaves.

36” x 48”, Mixed Media

Rose Pearson works from her studio, which is nestled in the woods of the Haliburton Highlands. She has formal education in drawing and painting, graduating on the Dean’s Honour Roll from York University, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She also has a Bachelor of Education and has been a teacher of all ages at Fleming College’s Haliburton School of The Arts, in the public school system, as well as privately from her studio. Rose’s paintings in acrylic, oil, and collage are often complex spaces that reveal a passion for both texture and light.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Barbara Joy Peel

 Rhubarb Leaf Serving Dish

Barbara Joy Peel was born in Fort William, Ontario - now known as Thunder Bay. She is the eldest of six children and the daughter of a RCAF pilot. His career provided unique opportunities for Barbara to discover, first hand the diverse landscape and people of Canada. This diversity became an integral part of the work she produces today. 
Barbara Joy began her clay studies in 1971. In 1979, she opened her home-based studio-gallery in the village of Haliburton. Nestled in a cedar grove,  located high atop a scenic hillside overlooking the heart of the Haliburton Highlands. Barbara Joy’s love of the rugged, natural beauty of Haliburton and her desire to unite beauty and function is evident in her distinctive glazing techniques and designs, which are simple in form yet elegant in style.
“I am a potter and I love what I do”, says the artist, “ but I was feeling that I had a creative block and needed inspiration and new ideas.”
In the winter of 2008, Barbara Joy enrolled in an intensive 14-week Jewellery Essentials program at the Haliburton School of The Arts and she is now incorporating metal work with ceramics. “I’ve been inspired,” she says. “I will always be first a potter and teacher, but I will be spending part of the year working in silver, producing one-of-a-kind pieces.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Corey Pietryszyn

Algonquin Highlands - Bull Moose

Photograph Print

Corey Pietryszyn - Self taught, Corey Pietryszyn has been photographing his outdoor experiences and adventures in Haliburton Highlands since 1998. Landscape photography has been his focus and first love. The one-on-one perspective, the thrill of the search, the connection with the subject and the adrenaline rush of getting the shot have been the draw that keeps bringing him back time and time again.
Corey also actively collects local barn wood, historic pine and antique window frames to custom make the frames for his photographs. Each frame is uncommon, hand crafted and offers a unique touch from Mother Nature. He then hand rubs the finish, glues the frames and cuts his own glass and acid free mats.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Pat Reynolds

Autumn Birches.

22” x 31”, Fabric Arts

From a young age, Pat Reynolds has enjoyed creating things. Growing up on a farm and living most of her life in rural areas has afforded her the opportunity to observe nature. Recently, she discovered the art of creating pictures using textiles. For her, interpreting nature realistically using textiles is an exciting challenge.
Most of Pat’s work is based on realistic landscapes featuring local architecture, flora and fauna. She takes many photographs of nature to use as inspiration. She builds her pictures with pieces of fabric, then enhances them using thread, yarn, 3D techniques and/or other textiles, and sometimes with beads and crystals. She strives to be more creatively expressive by combining elements from different scenes to create pieces that are unique.
Pat enjoys teaching her textile art techniques for both large and small groups. She also does commissioned work and has pieces in private collections around the world.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Arne Roosman

Liina #1

30” x 28", Oil.

Arne Roosman, a well-known and highly respected artist in the region, formerly was a lithographer, illustrator and designer of books. Estonian by birth, Arne came to Canada in 1957 and resides in Cardiff near Bancroft. Arne’s style is unique and diverse, using a variety of mediums to delight the art lover. He is the winner of many awards and commissions, and has exhibited in Canada and overseas. Arne’s paintings can be found in many local and international collections. Arne says “It is not just what I see, it is also the sound and the smell that inspire me when I experience
a beautiful outdoors panorama or the quiet of a secluded garden. All of it...legends, landscapes, words and music, compel me to grab a brush and capture it with bold strokes.”

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Jane Selbie

Vibrant Tumble

10” x 22”, Fabric

Jane Selbie is an artist who expresses mood and moments in the northern landscape. Using her camera as an initial tool, Jane captures many wild or well-visited places near her Haliburton studio, but the images are just reference points for the creative process.
“I ponder what I see,” Jane explains. “I wonder how I can express what I see in fabric. My best pieces are often the ones that challenge me the most.”
Through 13 years of experimentation, Jane has developed a unique layering technique in which hundreds of fabric pieces are cut and painstakingly glued to render the memory and emotion of that photographed moment. “I want my finished work to take me back to that place and time that moved me,” she says.
Jane’s studio overflows with fabric. She cuts and snips with sharp scissors much like other artists apply paint with a brush. It is the colour and printed detail of the fabric – so cannily chosen – that give Jane’s work its extraordinary character. 
Jane’s work has appeared in gallery shows in many Ontario communities. Her pictures hang on private and corporate walls across Canada.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Studio Rose

Top Left: Raptor. Top Centre: Raku Cat Vase. Top Right: Eagle.
Bottom Left: Haliburton Moon Vase. Bottom Centre: Wish Pot. Bottom Right: Bear.

Sylvia and Wayne Rose were educators until 2001 but they never strayed far from pursuing the arts through courses, organizations and conferences. Wayne has had a part-time art business for more than 40 years. Both were encouraged to pursue art from a very young age and were always creating in one medium or another. Wayne studied art, culminating in a Masters Degree in Art Education. Sylvia’s university degree had strong components in the arts.
Sylvia and Wayne Rose welcome you to Studio Rose on Duck Lake Road in Minden. The studios and gallery are tucked into an old maple bush on the edge of a golf course. Here they produce pottery and fine art pieces using the centuries-old Raku process, as well as traditional and functional stoneware. Their work includes contemporary vessels, vases and sculpture in a wide range of colours, textures and lustres. Sculptures include Wayne’s whimsical dragons, “Midnight Sun” polar bears and loons as well as Sylvia’s stunning Raku wall plaques and jewellery. New this year is a range of metal, stone and wood sculptures for your home or garden. These include fanciful eagles, herons, roosters, dragons and more. Come and walk the trails and experience the Haliburton Highlands which continue to inspire their work. Their studio is open by chance or appointment.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Sophia Tink

Foglie Ovate Necklace, Oh Golden Dandelion Pendant,
Mokume Gane Gigantea Phalaenopsis Orchid Pendant, Russian Filigree Cuff.

Sophia Tink’s intriguing collections of artistically designed, handmade, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces are a must to see. Sophia is the owner of Sophia Tink Jewellery Art Studio in the beautiful Haliburton Highlands where she offers pure silver, sterling silver, gold, copper, Russian filigree, keum boo and mokume gane jewellery designs. Since 1982, Sophia has been a professional artist and instructor. All of her pieces are hand crafted and unique, reflecting her personal artistic vision. Her art work has been recognized widely. She loves what she does, and her enthusiasm and creativity are reflected in all of her offerings.
Viewing each piece, you’ll discover their individual ‘personality’.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Two Sisters Studios

European-Style Santa in Red.

33” length

Two Sisters Studios - Lynn Murray and Anne Thornton-Trump are sisters who decided to take early retirement and combine their households so they could pursue their art. Born and raised in the Okanagan Valley, they were determined to once again live on the water, surrounded by natural beauty and serenity. They joined the Haliburton County Studio Tour in 2012.
Two Sisters Studios Santas are European-style St. Nicholas or Father Christmas. St. Nicholas was the benevolent man whose kindness and generosity originated many of the Christmas traditions we practice in the 21st Century. He is the patron saint of children.
Each figure from Two Sisters Studios is one-of-a-kind. Working with molds from the 19th century, the sisters work in papier mâché, finishing with water-based paint and vintage textiles. Each Santa is distressed to give it a patina, allowing it to fit easily with a collection of antique and vintage Christmas figures. The sisters describe their work as using the traditions of yesterday to create the heirlooms of tomorrow.
Santas from Two Sisters Studios can be seen in museums in Germany and France and found in many highly regarded Christmas collections in North America, Europe and Australia.

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Robert Van Nood

Print Posters, Calendars, Murals, Magazines, Books

Robert Van Nood has been working in communications arts for more than 35 years. Early in his professional career, Robert honed his talent and skills in various artistic disciplines while working for several Toronto-based marketing and creative agencies.
Robert’s remarkable abilities as an illustrator, designer, cartoonist and painter have made him highly sought after by U.S. and Canadian government agencies, NGO’s and corporations. Although he has enjoyed success in all these areas, Robert is internationally renowned for his award winning ‘cartoonalized’ illustration style. In the past two and a half decades his singular style has proved to be an extremely valuable tool in the educational field. Appealing to children and adults alike, it is especially effective in outdoor recreation and environmental programs.
Robert’s works appear in a wide array of print formats - posters, books, magazines, limited edition prints, calendars, interpretative signage, billboards and murals as well as multi-media platforms such as interactive DVDs, television and web. Robert often says “I get bored if I am confined to one genre. To me, it’s all art.”

Trees, forest, lake, rocks
Wendy Wood

July Afternoon - White Otter Lake

16” x 20”, Acrylic

Wendy Wood has called the Haliburton Highlands home for the past 10 years and has never regretted moving to the area. Wendy grew up in southern Ontario in farm country and always yearned for the solitude of the bush. Wendy says that once she moved here there has been no turning back with respect to her painting.
“Every day presents a painting” she says… “it is there for me to paint”.
Wendy began her painting career with oils but moved to acrylics after trying them at a workshop. “I like the rich colours and the speed with which I can paint… No waiting time for drying and they are very forgiving.”
Wendy has been a working artist for more than 20 years and her work can be found at The Art Hive in the Highlands as well as at her studio in Carnarvon, Ontario.